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Janelle Watson-Evans designs interiors that always aim to surprise the eye. She loves to combine playful styling with the use of colour, texture and form to create visually exciting and unexpected spaces. The careful curation of distinctive contemporary and vintage pieces with an attention to comfort and functionality is a constant characteristic of her work.

From the early days of working as Design Assistant to her mother Bette Watson in their Gold Coast based family owned interior design business beginning in the 1980s, together with simultaneously establishing the long running iconic Surfers Paradise fashion boutique ‘return’ in the 1980s and 1990s, Janelle has worked on many residential and commercial design projects, and has been involved in the worlds of interior design, fashion and art for over thirty years.

Janelle has a passion for collecting fine art and objects and is a self confessed ‘Chair Addict’. Her interest and expertise spans a diverse range of visual storytelling from decorating a single room to creating entire design concepts including production design and set decoration for film, television and web series.

Janelle’s pursuit of excellence in all aspects of the design process successfully establishes a strong rapport with clients, suppliers and trades, culminating in the common goal of reinventing and creating amazing spaces.

“Decorating is storytelling. I believe your home should reflect your personal history and that the best interiors are ones which come from a considered combination of high and low style. Curating contemporary and vintage pieces with fine art, bespoke detailing and custom-made elements, is an important part in creating successful and exciting decor. I would love to help you create your story.” – Janelle

Janelle is a mixed-media artist, a writer, director and producer. In 2020 Janelle released The Lonely Road, a short film that attained international recognition.

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Janelle’s Style

“I see my particular style as being a considered combination of modern and traditional. With an emphasis on colour and texture in materiality, comfort and functionality, I often combine disparate and opposing styles to create interest and excitement for the eye.

Modernism + Traditionalism
Minimalist + Maximalist

The great American architect and designer Peter Marino explains it best: ‘Like mixing a martini that looks classic but isn’t. The tradition is the gin, the completely modern touches are the vermouth, and the spice, often the art, is the olive, a little piquant thing but the thing most people notice.’

Ever inspired by pop culture, film, music, art, and the natural world, I look to history and the past for inspiration while firmly planting my feet in the now and beyond.”
– Janelle

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