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Janelle's dear friend Scott Redford's Polar Bears

Art Curation

Janelle has been a passionate art lover since she and her mother, Bette Watson, started collecting significant contemporary Australian art in the early 1980s.

Always an avid enthusiast and collector, as well as being a mixed media artist herself, Janelle is committed to the pursuit of combining art and design within her interior design practice. She has played a key role in introducing and advising clients on art collecting and design curation.

Janelle studies artists and their work accomplished and emerging and has a comprehensive knowledge of the art world. She has collaborated with leading Australian artists such as Scott Redford on several projects which cross over the art and design spaces.

Janelle has an innate talent for layering thoughtfully curated art, design and objects to create ambient, unique and surprising interiors for the people who inhabit them.

Janelle Watson Evans Interior Designer Art Curator
Janelle Watson Evans Interior Designer Art Curator
Art Curation by Janelle Watson Evans
Robert Hunter

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